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Our product
InvestEngine — is an award winning investment platform. Our mission is to make investing more simple, more accessible and more powerful.

With our service everyone can start investing easily, regardless of their financial background. Open your personal portfolio, manage it and get a profit.
Our values
Together with our colleagues we have determined five main values that are the basis of our teamwork and are something we would love our new-comers to have in mind.
Daniil, СТО
This is a social contract of a sort between the company and the employee. The company gives me the freedom of action, the opportunity to be vocal about my opinions on any given question, to have an influence on the final product. In return, I act independently, I am partial, accountable and proactive. Just as if I were the owner of this small piece of land.
Together we can do more
Anna, HR
Working together and brainstorming can be very helpful in solving any issue, even when you personally might feel stuck. It is important for the team to aim for a shared result, helping each other to achieve it. It is also essential for the team that internal communication brings joy and not frustration. That is why we part ways with people unable to interact with a team, even though sometimes they might be great professionals.

Our goal is to achieve significant results, not mediocre ones
Leonid, Frontend-lead
When I work on something, it means a lot to me, that I am not ashamed to show my work to others. When I work on something, it also means a lot to me, that it is important to many people, not just a few. When I work on something, it means a lot to me, that it can work for my name, that the plans are great and there is room for growth, that there is no place for stagnation and being stuck in one spot.
Alexander, Backend-lead
It is essential for me to enjoy my work, it can cheer you up, reduce the level of conflict in the team, give you the boost of energy for meeting the new challenges. Without that you job becomes routine and turns into a swamp to get lost in and burn out.

Professionalism and vocation
Tanya, designer
It is important to do your work better than anyone else :)
This might come off a bit snobbish, but you do not just want to do a good job -- you want to do a great job, greater than anyone else's. In terms of teamwork this means that the team aims to make our product be the best one on the market.

Your job is for enjoying it
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